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net-e1000e (obsolete!)


Driver for Intel GigaBit NICs (incl. I217/I218/82579LM/82574L and others)

Please note that this driver is obsolete, because with ESXi 5.5 Update 3 VMware introduced a newer version of e1000e which supports the same set of devices plus Intel i219 adapters (PCI IDs 8086:156f, 8086:1570, 8086:15b7, 8086:15b8)! Please use this instead. For details read this blog post.


George L. Roman, VMware forums user GLRoman

Vendor (Vendor Code)

GLRoman (GLR)

Current Version

Supported Devices / PCI IDs

8086:1049, 8086:104a, 8086:104b, 8086:104c, 8086:104d, 8086:105e, 8086:105f, 8086:1060, 8086:107d, 8086:107e, 8086:107f, 8086:108b, 8086:108c, 8086:1096, 8086:1098, 8086:109a, 8086:10a4, 8086:10a5, 8086:10b9, 8086:10ba, 8086:10bb, 8086:10bc, 8086:10bd, 8086:10bf, 8086:10c0, 8086:10c2, 8086:10c3, 8086:10c4, 8086:10c5, 8086:10cb, 8086:10cc, 8086:10cd, 8086:10ce, 8086:10d3, 8086:10d5, 8086:10d9, 8086:10da, 8086:10de, 8086:10df, 8086:10e5, 8086:10ea, 8086:10eb, 8086:10ef, 8086:10f0, 8086:10f5, 8086:10f6, 8086:1501, 8086:1502, 8086:1503, 8086:150c, 8086:1525, 8086:153a, 8086:153b, 8086:1559, 8086:155a, 8086:15a0, 8086:15a1, 8086:15a2, 8086:15a3, 8086:294c

Acceptance Level


Dependencies and Restrictions

  • Replaces/Updates: VMware built-in net-e1000e driver
  • Depends On: vmkapi_2_0_0_0, com.vmware.driverAPI-

Package Properties

Requires MaintMode Live Install Allowed Live Remove Allowed Stateless Ready Overlay
Yes No No Yes No

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Please post any questions regarding this package to the VMware forums thread referred to above!