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Intel(R) Gigabit Ethernet Network Driver (modified to ignore invalid NVM checksums)

This driver is based on the net-igb driver version 5.3.2[1] for ESXi 5.5 published by VMware, but was modified to ignore invalid NVM checksums. Invalid NVM checksums occur with (at least) some I211 and I350 Ethernet adapters and lead to the driver refusing to initialize.

For details see the related blog post[2].


Andreas Peetz (@VFrontDe)

Vendor (Vendor Code)

Intel (INTL)

Current Version


Supported Devices / PCI IDs

8086:0438, 8086:043a, 8086:043c, 8086:0440, 8086:10a7, 8086:10a9, 8086:10c9, 8086:10d6, 8086:10e6, 8086:10e7, 8086:10e8, 8086:150a, 8086:150d, 8086:150e, 8086:150f, 8086:1510, 8086:1511, 8086:1516, 8086:1518, 8086:1521, 8086:1522, 8086:1523, 8086:1524, 8086:1526, 8086:1527, 8086:1533, 8086:1536, 8086:1538, 8086:1539, 8086:157b, 8086:157c, 8086:1f40, 8086:1f41, 8086:1f45

Acceptance Level


Dependencies and Restrictions

  • Depends On: vmkapi_2_2_0_0, com.vmware.driverAPI-
  • Compatible With: ESXi 5.5, ESXi 6.0, ESXi 6.5, ESXi 6.7

Package Properties

Requires MaintMode Live Install Allowed Live Remove Allowed Stateless Ready Overlay
Yes No No Yes No

Direct Download links

Additional links

  1. MyVMware download of original net-igb driver version 5.3.2
  2. A fix for Intel i211 and i350 adapters not being detected by ESXi